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Empowering Teams for Secure Remote Work

We transform your home workspace to be as secure and efficient as a traditional office environment.

Smart Home Office

We make working from home as secure and effective as the office, designing tailored solutions to fit your needs.

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A Team Connected

Even when you're working from the comfort of your home, you can still have the ability to access all your shared resources.

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Network Security

The Internet is a dangerous place. Don't risk your sensitive business data to your kids' friends and insecure consumer equipment.

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Smart Home Office

Working from home has become the new normal for many. And it's not just you. Your partner and kids are all competing for the same resources.

What was once a great Internet experience may not be coping with these new workloads. It's not that your network is bad. It's more that your needs and expectations have changed. It doesn't have to be this way.

Let us assess your current network environment. You should treat your home office network more like a business, where every room could potentially be an office or a meeting space. They all need solid coverage.

A Network of Smart Home Offices

Embracing remote work doesn't mean you have to compromise on network resources. Are you constantly sharing files through email? Missing the ease of accessing office systems from your desk?

We can integrate a peer-to-peer virtual network, fortified with encrypted tunnels. This ensures you and your colleagues can access shared resources securely from any location. without being overly reliant on large third-party online services. And you won't be trusting your confidential information to online services like Microsoft or Google.

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Business-Class Network Security

Using the standard modem from your Internet provider? Such common equipment can be a predictable target for cyber threats. Default setups often have vulnerabilities that are well known to attackers.

Instead of leaning on ISP-provided gear, consider our business-class firewall and network solutions. They're designed to give your home office the security it needs.

Worried about your children gaming on your professional network? We offer solutions to keep personal and work-related activities separate and secure.