The Nature of
Work is Changing

Do you and your team have the tools
you need to remain competitive?

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We Create Secure Remote Work Environments

We help you position yourself and your team to be remote, productive, and safe regardless of your location.

Smart Home Office

Working from home should be as effective as being at the office. We can help you design a solution that is flexible and secure.

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A Team Connected

Just because you are working at home doesn't mean you should not be able to access all of your shared resources.

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Network Security

The Internet is a dangerous place. Don't risk your sensitive business data to your kids' friends and insecure consumer equipment.

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Smart Home Office

You have been confined to work from home. And it's not just you. Your partner and kids are all competing for the same resources.

What was once a great Internet experience may not be coping with these new workloads. It's not that your network is bad. It's more that your needs and expectations have changed. It doesn't have to be this way.

We can evaluate your home network environment. You should treat your home office network more like a business with potential offices and meeting rooms all over the house. They all need solid coverage.

A Network of Smart Home Offices

Working from home doesn't mean you have to give up network resources. Are you emailing attachments back and forth between your coworkers? Do you have access to those office systems you had when you were in the office?

We can set you up with a peer-to-peer virtual network of encrypted tunnels. You and your colleagues will be able to access resources from each others' locations and keep everything safe and secured. And you won't be trusting your confidential information to the online services of Microsoft or Google.

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Business Grade Network Security

Are you running your home office on the modem provided by your Internet provider? If so, you are using equipment identical to every one of their customers. Criminals expect this. If there is a vulnerability in that equipment, every customer is vulnerable. You are an easy target.

We advise you never to trust the equipment provided by the ISPs. We can install an enterprise-grade firewall and network equipment to ensure your network is kept safe and secure.

Are your kids and their friends playing games on the same network containing your confidential business information? We can help you with that too. You can have it both ways.

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